Scholarships for Muslim Students.

Scholarships up to $15,000 will be awarded during late July/earlyAugust. The amount of each scholarship is at the discretion of the Foundation Selection Committee. With certain exceptions, our policy is to send checks directly to an applicant’s university. Exceptions can be made if the award impacts the applicant’s financial status.

Entrepreneurial Funding

Tailwind provides special eligibility for applicants who are pursuing a start-up business or new venture. Check out the ``Entrepreneurial Funding`` section under Programs to learn about opportunities for entrepreneurs / business-owners.

Scholarships for Qualified Muslim Students.

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Changing One’s Destiny Through Education.

To provide scholarships to young Muslims pursuing advanced degree in major fields, and to assist them in achieving their professional goals. By providing educational funding assistance to Muslim students, our aim is to positively impact the American Muslim community over the long term.

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Ali Rae

Masters in Public Health Candidate at Columbia University